Fuengirola is located in the Mediterranean on the Costa del Sol, a region in the south of Spain, a Province in Malaga.  As Fuengirola is only 25 kilometres from the Malaga International Airport and can be accessed by rail, bus or road easily, it is a very popular destination.  Aside from the convenience getting there for many, it is a vacation paradise.

What Type of Weather Does Fuengirola Have?

The Mediterranean climate of Fuengirola during the summer is dry and hot, while the winter months are mild and rainy. While the weather is an important element to any vacationer for many it secondary compared to all that this region has to offer. Visitors here find it one of the most welcoming destinations as there is mix of all types of residents ranging from the British to the Germans and of course the Spanish.

Excursions Available While Vacationing in Fuengirola

As with many of the vacation destinations in Spain Fuengirola has much to offer both visitors and resident alike. What makes it so unique is that it is not an area that is just for the elite although many of the rich and famous have chosen this as their prime destination. This is truly a locale that is meant for everyone.

While on vacation some people enjoy seeing the sights and learning about the culture of the destinations they choose. Vacationing in Fuengirola has many attractions that can be enjoyed by taking group tours.  Some of the more popular tours is the Generalife Gardens, Alhambra and the Granada city centre just to name a few. Many of these sites and attractions can be seen privately as well as group tours. There is even the option of renting a car and driving to some of the places listed above.

Attractions Not to Be Missed

Fuengirola’s animal and visitor friendly Bioparc Fuengirola zoo is a simulated tropical forest which contains rivers, waterfalls, an abundance of vegetation that enables the animals to roam freely in their own habitat. Some of the many animals that can be seen during the two daily tours are crocodiles, Sumatra tigers, lemurs, bats and the very entertaining Gorillas. Natural barriers like riverbanks and bridges separate visitors from most of the animals. However, there are some animals that have a bulletproof window as a barrier.

One of the biggest attractions to the Bioparc is the Moonlight Visit, where the Bioparc stays open until 1 am, for the months of July and August. During the Moonlight Visit,  flying foxes, leopards and porcupines which nocturnally-active species can be seen. The paths in the forest are lighted with artificial moonlight along with a soundtrack of forest sounds piped in.  There are also themed restaurants available  to enjoy a meal.

There is also a kids zone containing a miniature farm and a large play area. The Bioparc is also disability friendly.

Going Beyond the Visit

While there is much here to attract the visitors there is equally as much to attract those who wish to become permanent residents here. There is a wide selection of housing and even more impressive is the prices. Those that even have the slightest interest in buying here are hard pressed not to follow their intuition to do so.

About Golden Coast Estates

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