For those who are planning on spending some time in Manilva, it can be a much more enjoyable experience when one knows the area a little better. This region makes up one of the amazing communities of Andalusia, Spain.

The town itself goes back to the 16th century.  In today’s world Manilva has become one of the most prime locations for Costa del Sol. On par if not even better than the eastern section of the Costa.

The Way of Life

What puts Manilva at the top of the list for both property buyers and tourists is the way of life. It has all the amenities that are wanted in life without the hassles that may come with them. Transportation is a pleasure to enjoy here with just a distance of 30 minutes from Marbella, an hour from the regional airport and even close to Gibraltar for international travellers.

The Old With the New

It is not too many regions that can hold onto the gems of their past yet transition into modern day living that appeals to almost anyone. This is what can be said about Manilva. The old charm of the whitewashed homes with  Spanish style backyard charm is very prominent today. Then nothing more takes one back in time for Manilva than the fishing town of Castillo de Duquesa. Stepping into the modern day takes one to the enjoyment of the latest shopping centres, best of there is golf courses and cuisine that leaves nothing to be desired.

The Quiet Life

For those that want to come to Manilva to vacation then everything that should be on the best holiday itinerary can be found here. Then for those who are ready to make a property investment they can claim the best of both worlds. Enjoy the tourist life when it suits them or settle down to quite living with the choice of several small towns or villages to set up home in.

Puerto De La Duquesa

For the go-getters and the fun lovers then it means checking out Puerto De La Duquesa. Food choices range from many different ethnic cuisines. Shopping is at its best with a large selection of shops. The nightlife is hopping with a mix of bars and nightclubs. Then for a day basking in the sun it’s a matter of choosing a beach from the left or to the right.


For a little slower space but still offering an exceptional experience then it would come from time spent at Sabinillas. This is an old fishing village filled with eclectic charm.

Don’t Want to Miss

It is all the extras that should count when spending time is Manilva. This is not just a region for adults as it has much to offer the entire family. Outings to the Castella Zoo or a weekend at nearby Tarifa can all be classed as part of an amazing Manilva experience. For more water fun besides the beaches, there is the Algeciras Water Park. A historical adventure would be a trip to the Hedionda Roman Baths

It doesn’t take a lot of time in Manilva before those visiting here take a real interest in becoming a property owner. There are plenty of excellent options to purchase properties from big to small, with a beachfront location, or just invest in some luxury rentals.