A lot of people think about getting away for a while or even making a major change in their lives like a move. The thought of a twelve-mile piece of land stretching alongside a refreshing body of water just might be something to grab the attention. While there are many areas that can fit this description, one that should not be bypassed is the beach town of  Mijas Costa.

The Mijas Costa Living Environment

The urbanised sector of Mijas Costa consists of the Riviera del Sol and Sitio de Calahonda. For those who are thinking of making a permanent move to this region, then this, along with some of the other residential factors are going to be important. The Urbanization features of this region give property buyers the confidence they need in making this their next destination. It possesses all of the amenities that are “must haves.” Choices in accommodation are plentiful comprised of a mix from large to small, to eclectic to modern.

The Mijas Costa Vacationing Environment

When a region can serve two important purposes, as Mijas Costa can then it takes it to another level. Mijas Costa has everything in place for full time living and then a full roster of benefits for the vacationers. Both with different needs yet are fully met in this beautiful part of Spain.

A vacation here can contain all of the elements of a holiday to remember. Tourist accommodation is quality with reasonable pricing and options to choose from. There is an array of food choices from casual to elegant dining. Then when it comes to activities, there are plenty to please a variety of age groups.  No matter whether it is a day on the beach, completing a few rounds of golf, or just a stroll, it is all here for the taking.

The Mijas Costa Atmosphere

In keeping with the uniqueness of Mijas Costa, its blended atmosphere serves both residents and visitors well.

The Full-Time Living Aspect

For many, the ideal full time living atmosphere is one that means not having  to go anywhere else to meet the wants and needs. Mijas Costa aptly meets the living needs of residents, but the bonus is they get to enjoy everything that the tourists do. In essence, property owners here have both full time living and holiday living all in one. They can fit this into their timeline at their choosing.

The Holiday Aspect

Most people when on holidays want that mix of being active and socializing while at the same time wanting some downtime for rest. The commercial sector of Mijas is going to meet the social needs, and with what Mijas Costa has carried forward with it from the past is going to meet the need for rest.  To enjoy this to its fullest extent, it takes no more than a twenty-minute drive to the Mijas Village.

Mijas Costa provides a wonderful and unique opportunity to move back and forth from the ultra-modern 21 century back to the old where traditions and the old way of life are still present.

About Golden Coast Estates

Golden Coast Estates is an Estate agent in Marbella specialising in new build property in Mijas Costa. They are a small team of dedicated property professionals with 20 years experience in the Costa del Sol property business and assist property buyers from the UK and Europe with their property buying needs. Golden Coast Estates are also the author of a 50 page buyers guide to Spain which details important information when buying a property in Spain.