Torremolinos is located in Costa del Sol in Southern Spain close to the Malaga Airport.  Once known as a simple, quaint fishing village, it has now become a thriving holiday resort. It began being heavily populated by tourists during the inception of holiday packages. In the 1980s but as time went on lower airfares and more air routes opened up the gateway to other destinations.  So Torremolinos had to make changes to look more appealing than other tourists choices.

Gay Resort

Torremolinos is a popular Gay resort, where the gay population can feel at home here. Since the 1950’s the gay population has felt this as a safe holiday destination. Gay people in other areas of Spain were brutalized, imprisoned and executed. However, with the influx of currency being brought in, Torremolinos became untouchable.

The Nogalera Complex is a very popular area as it hosts an array of bars to meet the needs of many of the gay population. However, the complex is mixed with many family friendly and gay restaurants. Many first-time gay visitors are quite surprised by the acceptance they receive from the locals.

Features of Torremolinos

Torremolinos has many great features which creates a variety of things to do there. There is a pedestrian-only street that goes from the middle of town right down to the beach. It has many shops. The lower half of the Calle San Miguel is a winding path of stairs.

  • The foods in Torremolinos are seafood abundant.
  • Transportation is readily available here by way of regular bus routes.
  • There are festivals, holy days and even a fried fish day.
  • The Torremolinos centre is filled with many national and international chain stores. You will also find tourists shops here.
  • The peak season is summer; however, the winter season is still quite mild. Torremolinos turns into a ghost town in winter, so it is a great place to be if you like peace.
  • There are many day trips and excursions available for those that like an adventure.



The EU funded a major ten year hotel upgrading program. It is almost complete, and now Torremolinos is ranked with one of the highest hotel occupancies in Europe.

There are also many apartments and houses to rent. Many of these rentals are owned by British or Dutch expats.

Real Estate in Torremolinos

There are many properties available to purchase in Torremolinos. Whether you are thinking of a permanent residence, seasonal residence or even an investment property, there is something for everyone. Prices have a very broad range depending on what you are looking for. Location and size of the property also makes a big difference. Apartments seem to be very popular as there is very little maintenance required. Villas and townhomes are more expensive but require more upkeep.

There are also business opportunities available for purchase.  For example, one business listed for sale is a four storey 39,643 square foot facility.  The asking price is 8 million Euros.  The great thing about this property is that it can be split and rented out to various businesses.  It is also located 10 minutes from Malaga Airport.


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