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Family, education & health care

If you decide to bring your family with you to Spain, you will find it very comfortable for them to settle. There are schools for younger family members. Kids usually start attending classes at the age of 3 and finish at the age of 17-18. You can find a big variety of private educational centres on the coast that offer different types of curriculum. The atmosphere there is usually very friendly and international while in public schools there are fewer expats.

Some of the schools that offer a British educational system are Swans, British School, Calpe, Aloha, EIC. Then there is a private Spanish School San Jose, a German School, Boarding school Sotogrande and Laude and Colegio Alboran, that also are bilingual.

For those who are looking for a university degree in southern Spain, there are lots of amazing options. The most famous university on the coast is Swiss Les Roches International School of Hospitality Management. It has been functioning since 1995 in Marbella, since 1954 in Switzerland, and offers EU accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in international hospitality management, hotel management and marketing management for luxury tourism. The statistics provided by the university shows that 88% of their graduates get employed after graduation. They usually do internships in world-famous hotel franchises and graduate having real work experience in the field. If you are planning to stay and live in Southern Spain later, this is one of the best options as tourism is the main business profile in the area. 

In case you or your teenage kids are looking for something of a different spectre, then you can go up the hills to the quiet town of Monda and find a British Design School from the Middlesex University of London. They only have three faculties: interior design, fashion design and graphic design. The campus is located in the middle of the forest, yet close to the city centre and introduces you to very artsy vibes straight after entering the doors. Fashion design students usually participate in yearly summer event Marbella Luxury weekend and get a unique experience of presenting their collections on a real catwalk. The graduates usually collaborate with local businesses and are introduced to work straight away during their studies.

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