There are many things to see and do in Marbella, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Old Town in Marbella

Old Town is Marbella’s oldest part. It is beautifully maintained and spotlessly clean, with red tiled streets and a crazy paving design. Here you will find an array of beautiful flowers and whitewashed, terracotta roofed buildings. The little squares of houses are situated on the streets in a corridor fashion. There are restaurants located in a garden which is small and formal, surrounded by orange trees.


The front portion of Marbella is lined with 20 beaches filled with a darkish sand, and housed with many beach bars. There are lifeguards present at most of the beaches. One of the favorites is El Faro, located on the ports West side, which received the Blue Flag award in 2016. Known for its large arc of sand which is attractive for children to splash and play in. The beach is 200 metres long but is not the largest.

Alameda Park

This beautiful tropical foliage covered park is located just south of old town. Here you will find many benches with hand painted tiles, fountains, and walkways which are marble paved. It is a great place to walk through and to sit and relax and enjoy the scenery.


There are many beautiful architectural churches in Marbella. The main historical landmark in Marbella is Iglesia de la Encarnacion. One known as a mosque then turned into a place of worship for Christians. It was redecorated for Christians to use. Even the floor plan was changed.

Puerto Banus

A very luxurious place to visit. It is a very flashy part of Marbella, located just east of Old Town. You will find super yachts, boutiques, and many high end sports cars here. One of Puerto Banus attractions is the huge rhinoceros sculpture created by Salvador Dali. It is 3.6 tonnes in weight. This is a great place to dress up and go out to a posh restaurant.


Marbella is filled with many golf courses. There are executive invitation only golf clubs but also other courses that will meet everyone’s budget. Some of the recommended courses are Los Naranjos, La Quinta, and for novice golfers, Monte Paraiso.

Avenida de Mar

An absolute beautiful walkway that runs from Alameda Park right down to Marbella’s marina, Playa de la Venus. This stunning walkway hosts many pieces of public art, beautiful palm trees, and hedges. Salvador Dali designed many of the bronze sculptures that can be viewed here. Feel free to stop in at one of the many shops or bars along the way. Parking is available underground.


Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum
There is only one museum dedicated to engraving in Spain. It is the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engraving. This structure was originally built for Alonso de Bazan, a naval commander. He then gave it to the city to use as a hospital for the poor. Now a museum exhibiting over 4000 pieces of artwork, including the works of Picasso, Dali, Miro, Goya and Chillida.

Bonsai Museum

This museum is located at the centre of Arroyo de las Represas Park. This park is a long path following a riverbed, made of a narrow and long rock garden. The bonsai museum is a pavilion structured like a bodega. Here you will find a large collection of bonsai trees, turtles swimming in water features, and olive trees.

Water Sports

There are many water activities that can be enjoyed while in Marbella. There are activities such as jet skiing, powerboating, parasailing and wakeboarding. If you can afford it, you can even charter a yacht for the day.